The team you can’t afford…

Imagine having a new room in your office with a bustling group of people in it who are responsible for your marketing & lead generation. 

Imagine the cost! That’s not the only reason you don’t have that incredible room… The other reason is you’re not absolutely sure what you’d ask them to do, right?

Now imagine you had the same room in your office, but you shared the cost with other companies and you had an experience Chief Marketing Officer managing them. Now doesn’t that sound better, and that’s exactly what we do. We provide you with a high calibre marketing and lead generation team that you can’t afford if you were to do it on your own!

There are many benefits to this model.  

  • No recruitment – You don’t have to hire in one at a time. You just turn on the tap and we provide everything necessary. 
  • No technology setup – We do that for you. Within a week of signing up you will have an online CRM, marketing automation platform, customer portal, quotation and invoicing engine.
  • A clearer understanding of your market place – We segment your market place into a sensible number of ‘pots’ that we will generate leads from.
  • Increased accountability – We agree your single growth objective and create a small number of key performance indicators. Once defined we manage monthly targets, forecasts and measure actual results, so we are all kept in the loop with progress. 
  • Consistency – We deliver simple marketing messages to your market segments so you are kept front of mind in your market place.
  • Always-on lead generation – We build customer journeys using ‘evergreen’ content so your marketing automation is always-on, capturing, nurturing and qualifying your leads around the clock.   


Due to the upfront investment we make within each account, we offer CRM+People on a rolling 12 month contract with a service opt-out at 6 months, meaning you could be up and running with a market leading marketing and lead generation team within 1 week from now, with limited exposure.


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